Air Bubble Film

Air Bubble Film

Air Bubble Film

Air bubble film can be cushion protection packaging material and isolation material...etc.

Air Bubble Film Roll

Air bubble film machine can produce air bubble film roll for various application.

Perforation Machine

Perforation machine is auxiliary equipment’s for air bubble film
the perforated length can be set up in advance, tear off by hand is
easily, no need to cut off with knife, pack same size commodities will
be more convenient.

Sheeter Machine

Include sheeter machine for air bubble film roll to be cutted to pieces.
pieces will be taken easily, pack same size of commodities
will be more convenient.

Air Bubble Bags

Pouch bags machine can produce air bubble bags, it is kind of convenient cushion packaging material, it will be easy to pack same size goods and can protection precision parts and easy broken parts

Air Bubble Mailer

The mailer not only can provide anti-shock and protection goods but also water-proof, sutiable for documents delivery or small carton application.

Solar Pool Cover

The pool cover can prevent water evaporation and keep water temperature, also can let dust or any waste material go inside of pool.

Aluminum Insulation Air Bubble Sheet

The sheet can use for roof insulation also can do insulation bags…etc.

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